Cryptocephalus cemiZayas,1960

General description: 

Robust, cylindrical, sides almost parallel, although somewhat produced medially; posteriorly transversely truncate. Color orange-yellow, pronotum darker, with brown marking on humeral tubercle, another behind scutellum, near the elytra suture on each elytron, and another darker and larger one on posterior third, near and somewhat elongate along suture. Striate with brown punctures. (Translated from Zayas, 1960: 146)

Legs: Somewhat short, robust, femora brownish-yellow, tibiae reddish-brown, bordered apically and internally with row of short, appressed setae; surface with small, sparse punctures each with short seta, tarsi wide, claws black. (Translated from Zayas, 1960: 147)

This is now the largest described species of the genus from the Island. It is near C. chloroticus Oliv., but it is larger and much different, it can be distinguished by the features already mentioned, without fear of confusion. (Translated from Zayas, 1960: 148).


Collected on pine, feeding on young shoots.


Possibly pine.


Moa, Oriente, Cuba.

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