Cryptocephalus quercusSchaeffer,1906

Diagnostic description: 

Pronotum: Dull light orange to orange, disk usually vaguely darker; punctation usually dual, larger punctures minute to blending with small punctures, latter sparse. Elytra: Dull creamy yellow to light orange, with striae, humerus, and dark markings more or less reddish. Each elytron with two vague to distinct transverse, undulating bands, first at basal third, second just behind middle; bands often extending side to side, usually very vague or incomplete at about middle. With nine rows of punctures, rows six, seven, and eight more or less confused, sometimes entwined or abbreviated, latter two rows often interconnected; punctures as large, dense as usual, finer at elytral apex; inner and outer rows distinct at apex, often clearly meeting, sometimes disconnected. Prosternum: Anterior margin in both sexes produced ventrally into a distinct, broad lobe. Length: 5.0 to 6.7 mm” (White, 1968: 82-3).



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