A Review of the Genus Cryptocephalus in America North of Mexico (Chrysomelidae: Coleoptera)

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1968
Authors:R. E. White
Journal:United States National Museum Bulletin
Taxonomic name: 
Cryptocephalus quadrivulnerus Suffrian, 1863 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus virginiensis R. White, 1968 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus venustus Fabricius, 1787 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus vapidus R. White, 1968 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus umbonatus Schaeffer, 1906 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus trizonatus Suffrian, 1858 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus trizonatus Suffrian, 1858 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus trivittatus Olivier, 1808 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus triundulatus R. White, 1968 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus tinctus Leconte, 1880 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus texanus Schaeffer, 1933 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus striatulus Leconte, 1880 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus spurcus vandykei B.E. White, 1937 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus spurcus spurcus Leconte, 1858 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus snowi Schaeffer, 1934 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus simulans simulans Schaeffer, 1906 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus simulans eluticollis Schaeffer, 1934 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus simulans conjungens Schaeffer, 1934 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus schreibersii Suffrian, 1852 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus sanguinicollis sanguinicollis Suffrian, 1852 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus sanguinicollis nigerrimus Crotch, 1874 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus quercus Schaeffer, 1906 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus pumilus Haldeman, 1849 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus pubiventris Schaeffer, 1919 (1920) (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus pubicollis Linell, 1898 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus pseudomaccus R. White, 1968 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus pinicolus Schaeffer, 1919 (1920) (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus pallidicinctus Fall, 1932 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus optimus Schöller, 2002 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus obsoletus obsoletus Germar, 1824 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus obsoletus indistinctus R. White, 1968 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus notatus Fabricius, 1787 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus nanus Fabricius, 1801 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus mutabilis Melsheimer, 1847 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus multisignatus Schaeffer, 1933 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus mucoreus LeConte, 1859 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus merus Fall, 1932 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus maccus R. White, 1968 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus luteolus Newman, 1840 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus lunulatus Schöller, 2002 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus leucomelas vitticollis LeConte, 1880 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus leucomelas trisignatus R. White, 1968 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus leucomelas leucomelas Suffrian, 1852 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus lateritius Newman, 1841 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus insertus Haldeman, 1849 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus incertus Olivier, 1808 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus implacidus R. White, 1968 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus guttulatus Olivier, 1808 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus guttulatellus Schaeffer, 1919 (1920) (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus gibicollis gibicollis Haldeman, 1849 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus gibicollis decrescens R. White, 1968 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus fulguratus Leconte, 1880 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus falli Schöller, 2002 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus duryi Schaeffer, 1906 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus dorsatus R. White, 1968 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus disruptus R. White, 1968 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus defectus Leconte, 1880 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus cupressi Schaeffer, 1933 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus cuneatus Fall, 1932 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus cribripennis Leconte, 1880 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus cowaniae Schaeffer, 1934 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus contextus R. White, 1968 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus confluentus melanoscelus R. White, 1968 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus confluentus confluentus Say, 1824 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus cerinus nevadensis B.E. White, 1937 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus cerinus cerinus B.E. White, 1937 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus castaneus LeConte, 1880 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus calidus Suffrian,1852 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus brunneovittatus Schaeffer, 1904 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus bivius Newman,1840 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus bispinus Suffrian, 1858 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus binominis rufibasis Schaeffer, 1933 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus binominis binominis Newman, 1841 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus basalis Suffrian, 1852 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus badius Suffrian, 1852 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus aulicus Haldeman, 1849 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus atrofasciatus Jacoby, 1880 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus astralosus R. White, 1968 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus arizonensis arizonensis Schaeffer, 1904 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus amatus fractilineatus R. White, 1968 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus amatus apicedens Fall, 1932 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus alternans jungovittatus R. White, 1968 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus alternans alternans Suffrian, 1852 (Taxonomy), Cryptocephalus albicans Haldeman, 1849 (Taxonomy)
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