Stegnocephala xanthocephala (Suffrian, 1863)

General description: 

Muddy yellow body; elytra and flat pronotum both crimson; the punctures and stripes curved, with wide, smoothly curved interspaces rib-shaped at the sides. [Translated from the original German in Suffrian, 1863].


"With the female specimens in Museum Schaum., the interspaces on the back (top side of the body) are more strongly curved, almost rib-shaped, and the thighs are a strong red. I have not found more differences between the sexes." [Translated from Suffrian, 1863].


"French Guiana (Museums Deyrolle, Holm., collected by Dupuizet) and from Brazil (Museums Schaum., Baly, Berol.) and apparently widely dispersed in Brazil, because the specimens in Museum Baly are partly from Ega at the upper Amazon, and partly from San Paulo. Parà was designated place of origin for the specimens brought to Museum Schaum by Sieber." [Translated from Suffrian, 1863].

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